Nearly two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. Most of them have some awareness that their conditions are abnormal or dangerous, but few actually do anything about it. Exercising and maintaining a balanced diet require self-discipline, which is a scarce human commodity. Folks who suffer from obesity need to be motivated from within before they will take action to reduce without.

A fantasy short story about a nymph (Limnade / Naiad) whose lake dries up and who tries to sidestep death by petitioning Zeus to attach her to a new lake.

Discipline and consistency underlie everything that parents must do to help their children master homework assignments and acquire effective study skills. Parents must be attentive to the creation and application of sound study rules, and those who are will get better results than those who are not.

One approach to outline to further the fiction-writing process. Fiction writers have different approaches to outlining, writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading.

A fantasy short story about a dying dragon and his reflections on his life of pillaging.

Some fiction writers tell their stories almost entirely through dialogue. That style of writing does not attract me personally, but its prevalence in popular fiction indicates a trend in publishing that has been going on for some time. Even if you do not subscribe to the total-dialogue school of thought, however, some well-placed conversation mixed into your tales will enhance them and give you a better shot at getting the attention of agents and editors.

A short story about a writer’s struggle to follow a character and remain true to the character’s development.

History is fascinating. When most of us set priorities, though, studying history appears far down on the list. If we want to acquire a rudimentary knowledge of it, we must do so within the confines of our everyday lives.

Because of this, I have devised a list of important historical movements, lives, and events. Knowing something about these key times and prominent people facilitates intelligent conversation and prevents embarrassment when others make references to history.

I have divided my suggestions into two articles to make them easier to read and digest. Here are my first ten suggestions regarding important times in history about which everyone should know:

An effective business plan should include a mission statement, executive summary, description of the business, financial projections, and more.